Your breath quickens, as the panic sets in

cold sweat dries

it’s then, visions of me, dance in your head


The truth chokes you, as it builds inside

you pray the rain will wash me away

every breath you take, lightening strikes


My voice still lingers in the darkest areas

of your diseased mind

my heart beats beneath you


You awake to my whisper

but it’s the sound of my last gasp

that sends your fist through the wall


Your ears burn with my innocence

every drink tastes like me

and it’s my hair, tangled in your fists


My blank eyes stare back from your mirror

you watch the glass fall

just to hear it break


And every vein bleeds my name

then your scars

start to form my face


My nails still run down your back

until you break

I died by your hand, now I live in your head


Like shattered glass you scream,



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