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Silence, an inexplicable virtue,

one I sometimes tend to lack

A sickness I have

riddled throughout my body

Have you heard of my ailment?

“Foot in Mouth Disease”


Taken in by blind leaps of faith

but what gets me the most,

words leaping from my lips.

Not knowing when to stop,

is not knowing where you’re going

I like to have the last word,

even if its wrong


All types of people,

every situation

and at every worst possible moment

strange words stream from my mouth

sinking to a new low

People have said,

“once a fool, always a fool”


But then, the shining moments,

those moments that allow you to sparkle.

I begin to tread again on soaking feet.

It is at these moments,

I know I have charm

I know I have grace

I know I have the ability

not to turn everything I touch

to dust

*September 2004

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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